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Home Laser
Hair Removal!

Rio Laser Hair Removal

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The RIO BEAUTY HOME LASER BODY HAIR REMOVAL KIT is designed for home use. You can now enjoy the benefits of permanent pain free hair removal without paying for expensive salon treatments or expensive consumables.

Complete with Wand, Power Adaptor and Full Clear Instruction Manual the RIO BEAUTY HOME LASER BODY HAIR REMOVAL KIT features a security key to avoid misuse, a safe 808nm diverging laser, secure skin contact check, hair targeting light and digital power output control!

In a single treatment, not all of the hair follicles will be treated. Some follicles are removed permanently, others may be miniaturised into vellus hairs (light, fine hairs), and some enter prolonged dormancy. The initial treatment should be repeated to take care of active hair follicles that were not effectively treated in the first session as new hair growth is observed, this will typically be some 2 to 4 weeks later depending on where the treatment area is.

Further treatments should be planned at regular intervals to clear hairs that are coming out of the resting phase and into the active growth phase. Given the number of hair follicles in the resting phase at any given time, this new hair re-growth can be significant.

Successfully treated hairs will generally fall out within 1 - 2 weeks, light rubbing will encourage this. Any follicles without a target hair within will simply grow again and can be treated next time round.

Using a light wavelength of 800nm actually enables treatment of darker skin types as well as fair-skinned types. However, laser hair treatment is not suitable for Afro Caribbean or black skin complexions. Laser treatment is also ineffective in removal of white or grey hair. Electrolysis should be considered as an alternative treatment.

Suitable Skin Types:

As a guide skin colours are classified by the Fitzpatrick skin prototypes. The classification is as follows:

Skin Type Skin Colour Tanning History Maximum Power Level
I very fair "transparent" always burns, never tans All laser power levels should be suitable
II fair always burns, tans with difficulty
III fair to light olive burns mildly, tans slowly
IV olive to brown rarely burns, tans with ease Up to level 3
V dark brown very rarely burns, tans very easily NOT suitable for Laser Hair Removal
VI black never burns, tans very easily

RIO BEAUTY. HOME LASER BODY HAIR REMOVAL KIT. The Salon Laser Hair Removal System designed for home use. Enjoy the benefits of permanent hair removal without paying for expensive salon treatments.
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